Respected Professor,

I’m Aijaz s/o Ahmed from Pakistan. I’ve done my Masters / MSc in neuro-scientific Microbiology my major was (Virology, Immunology, Bioinformatics and Genetic ) from Air unin a properly-known College in Pakistan and on the planet. I have undergone your profile and located that the research areas/ interests are very well matching to my interest.

Even I’m also able to will work on any subject only need your kind supervision and guidance. I’m exclusively thinking about doing research in *MS *or PhD beneath your supervision for spring semester *2015 *and all sorts of cost of my research is going to be included in- Chinese government scholarship or twas-cas fellowships* and then any other available scholarship inside your college or you have fund *so guide me relating to this *.*


These days I’m being employed as *Research Assistant *in *College of Karachi* and dealing on several microorganisms like Streptococcus pyogenes ,E gallinarum and C albicans on their own different factors as well as focusing on some publication they’re under process soon i’ll distribute them like sturdy Pivotal role of mi-RNA and immune cells in Hepatitis B and C infections it’s a review article and i’m also focusing on it.

I’ve prepared all of the needed documents. It’ll enhance my likelihood of scholarship if I can obtain the acceptance from the supervisor ,my* CV is attached* I’d be very grateful to if you will examine it. In situation associated with a query or further processing, you can get in touch.

Thanks to you for the some time and consideration, as well as for any comments you can produce. I might have you provide me an chance to pursue my greater studies beneath your kind supervision and getting acceptance letter from you’ll have positive impact on my application package.

Awaiting your response. Thanks.