Tsinghua College (THU) offers master’s and doctorate degree programs to worldwide students in 42 schools/departments (see Appendix for any catalog of programs). Included in this, 15 master’s degree programs and 4 doctorate degree programs can be found fully in British, while some can be found fully in Chinese or bilingually in Chinese and British.

Master’s degree programs are often finished in 2-three years, and doctorate degree programs in 3-four years. Certificates of graduation is going to be awarded to students who’ve met all pertinent graduation needs. A master’s degree or doctorate degree is going to be awarded to students who’ve met the attached needs of degree conferment.

1. Qualification of Applicants

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens having a valid passport.

Applicants for master’s degree programs must have a bachelor’s degree. Applicants for doctorate programs must have a master’s degree.

Vocabulary skills needs:

(a) For programs offered in Chinese: Applicants for programs in humanities, social sciences, art, management, journalism and law must pass a Chinese Proficiency Test (new HSK) band 5- having a score of 180 or over, and individuals for science and engineering programs must pass a Chinese Proficiency Test (new HSK)  band 4- having a score of 195 or over.

(b) For programs offered in British: See other individuals specific needs.

(c) For doctorate program applicants: When the British proficiency is enough, china language requirement might be adjusted for many majors.

Note: Make sure to examine any extra needs which may be needed for that selected department.

2. How you can Apply

Applicants should complete the internet Application on this web site throughout the designated THU application period. (Exceptions: applicants for Schwarzman Scholars, Master of business administration, GMBA and FMBA programs please apply around the specified websites). Applicants should complete the applying information online, upload the applying documents the following towards the Online Application System, and spend the money for application fee online during the time of submission.

Application Schedule

Graduate Programs offered in Chinese:

Application 1st Round 2nd Round
Date Nov 15,2016 — Jan 15, 2017 Feb 15, 2017 — Mar 1, 2017

Graduate programs offered in British:  the applying schedule is per individual programs.

Please be aware that for applicants for that Chinese Government Scholarship or any other scholarships, program applications are recommended to become finished in the first  round .

Application Documents

Please upload all of the listed documents below towards the application system:

1.Personal statement. Doctorate degree program applicants should also submit a short introduction of research experience.

2.Degree certificate. Master’s degree program applicants should submit a bachelor’s degree certificate. Doctorate degree program applicants should submit both master’s and bachelor’s degree certificates. Individuals who’ve not graduated yet must give a evidence of education in current academic institution.

3.Academic transcript. Master’s degree program applicants should submit an instructional transcript of undergraduate study. Doctorate degree program applicants should submit academic transcripts of both graduate and undergraduate studies.

4.HSK certificate and score report for programs offered in Chinese (unless of course a waiver qualifies).

5.Two online academic recommendation letters from scholars who’ve the title of affiliate professor or greater, or senior professionals inside a related academic field. Please follow system instructions for submission of internet recommendation letters.

6.Passport private information page (personal and ordinary passport).

Note:Make use of the online application to use. The internet application offers tools for collecting and submitting some, although not all, from the documents and knowledge needed for application. Departments may need more information, so book their individual admissions pages along with the remarks below.

Application Remarks

1.Applicants are needed to submit scanned pictures of all needed documents during the time of application. All submitted documents ought to be in Chinese or perhaps in British otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or British are needed. Once converted, the initial documents and licensed translations should be posted together towards the application system.

2.Please scan the initial or notarial application documents colored utilizing a scanner. Documents images taken by cell phone or camera aren’t acceptable. Copies will also be not acceptable.

3.Application fee should be compensated sometimes of application submission. THU isn’t accountable for errors produced by applicants throughout the application. There aren’t any application-fee refunds.

4.Applications with incomplete documents or without application fee payment won’t be processed.

5.THU may request some applicants to provide original or notarial hardcopies of application documents for more qualification see if submitted documents aren’t sufficient.Applicants shall guarantee all the details and application documents posted within this application are authentic and accurate, otherwise, the admission is going to be disqualified.

6.GRE or GMAT certificate have to be submitted if signing up to School of Financial aspects and Management/PBC School of Finance.

7.Assortment of artistic works should be submitted if signing up to Art Work or Style of Academy of Arts & Design. Printed thesis should be submitted if signing up to Art Theory. Collection or thesis have to be submitted in a single Pdf.

8.For Master of business administration and GMBA Program, please apply through website:http://mbaapplication.sem.tsinghua.edu.cn

9.Additional documents ought to be submitted if signing up to Tsinghua-Columbia Double Master’s Degree Enter in Business Analytics book : http://t.cn/RfyJ5t8

10.For Tsinghua-Cornell Dual Degree FMBA Program, please apply through website:http://apply.fmba.pbcsf.tsinghua.edu.cn, the applying deadline is March 31, 2017.

11.For Schwarzman Scholars Program, check out this program website for specifics of application procedure, schedule, and documents:http://world wide web.ssp.tsinghua.edu.cn/column/index_en

12.For Executive Mba course(EMBA) programs,check out this program website for information:EMBA provided by School of Financial aspects and Management:http://world wide web.sem.tsinghua.edu.cn/portalweb/appmanager/portal/EMBA,EMBA offerd by PBC School of Finance:http://emba.pbcsf.tsinghua.edu.cn

13.No above application documents is going to be came back.

3. Evaluation and Admission

THU enrolls students by document evaluation along with matriculation examination. The admission committee from the relevant department/school will evaluate the application documents and choose applicants for more examination. The examination is going to be produced by among the following methods: ?Interview Exemption ?Personal Interview ?Interview plus written test. If the interview is needed for admission, the department/school will contact you directly to setup a job interview appointment and supply details about the job interview process.


Admittance to the graduate program is decided in the department/school level with oversight by Tsinghua College based on the consequence of document review, consequence of interview, along with other factors. Certificate of Admission is going to be from THU Graduate Admission Office following the final admission outcome is released. Before this, applicants may check admission status through the THU Graduate Programs Application System for Worldwide Students (For Schwarzman Scholars, Master of business administration, GMBA, and FMBA applicants, book around the particular program website).

4. Scholarship

Qualified applicants ought to make an application for china Government Scholarship (CGS). Applications ought to be posted towards the China Scholarship Council (CSC) (Website: http://world wide web.csc.edu.cn/laihua) through recommendation by Chinese Embassies or Consulates or relevant organizations in applicant home countries between November and April (deadlines vary based on country). Applicants are suggested to recognize their particular countries’ application deadlines well ahead of time. Certificates of conditional acceptance ought to be acquired in the THU Graduate Admission Office in advance if required. Admission documents of Chinese Government Scholarship holders is going to be from recommending scholarship organizations (excluding scholarship holders suggested by Tsinghua College).

Applicants might also make an application for china Government Scholarship with recommendation from Tsinghua College. But the amount of the suggested applicants is extremely limited, and effective applicants are usually of outstanding merit among individuals who aren’t presently studying in China.

Additionally towards the Chinese Government Scholarship, applicants might want to make an application for the Beijing Government Scholarship (for master’s degree programs)/Tsinghua College Scholarship (for doctorate degree Programs), that will typically support full, half, or partial tuition.

For additional information about introduction and use of scholarship, check out http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn,or contact finaid@tsinghua.edu.cn

5. Accommodation

Because of limited dormitory capacity, on-campus rooms are only able to be restricted to individuals who’ve effectively applied online. For Chinese Government Scholarship (full-scholarship) recipients, a dormitory on campus is going to be reserved through the College. Individuals who fail to try to get the dorm online need to find off-campus accommodation individually.

More information regarding THU academic existence, accommodation, student activities, visa, and residence permit application, along with other helpful information, can be obtained at http://is.tsinghua.edu.cn

Students in the Tsinghua-UC Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province) and Tsinghua Open FIESTA don’t need to make an application for accommodation on campus on their own. Student apartment accommodations is going to be reserved after they’ve been accepted in to the Institute.

6. Visa Application and Registration

Accepted students should bring their personal and ordinary passport, Certificate of Admission, Visa Form (JW202/JW201), and original Type of Physical Examination Record for People from other countries along with other original documents of physical examination towards the Embassy or Consulate from the People’s Republic of China, and obtain a student visa (X1 visa). Students who intend to reside in an on-campus dormitory shall make an application for the area online throughout the dates specified by the college instructions. Students shall arrived at THU for registration throughout the dates shown by the Admission package using the needed documents. Normally, registration takes place at the end of August. Students must enter Landmass China by having an ordinary passport and X1 visa and should obtain a Residence Permit within thirty days after arrival in China.

A lot of students should present the required original or notarial degree certificate upon registration at Tsinghua College for enrollment qualification review. Students who’re unsuccessful enrollment qualification review is going to be disqualified from enrollment.

7. Costs (Unit: RMB Yuan,except as specified in the form.)

(1) Application Fee: RMB 800

(2) Tuition Fees of Graduate Programs in Chinese (Unit: RMB Yuan)

Subjects Master




Tuition Fee Science, Engineering 33,000/Year 40,000/Year
Economics, Management 30,000/Year 40,000/Year
Law, Journalism, Humanities,

Social Sciences

28,000/Year 32,000/Year
Art 45,000/Year 50,000/Year
MBA(Part-time) (SEM) 278,000(Full program)
Tsinghua Cornell FMBA(PBCSF) 580,000(Full program)
Master of Finance (SEM) 198,000 (Full program)
Master of Finance (PBCSF) 128,000 (Full program)
EMBA(Part-time) (SEM-INSEAD) 50,000 US dollars(Full program)
EMBA(Part-time) (SEM) 560,000(Full program)
EMBA(Part-time) (PBCSF) 680,000(Full program)

(3) Tuition Fees of Graduate Programs in English (Unit: RMB Yuan)

Program Tuition fee
Master’s Program in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management

Master’s Program in Global Manufacturing

Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering

Master’s Program in Advanced Computing

Master’s Program in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Relations (CPFP) 30,000/year
Master’s Program in Global Business Journalism (GBJ) 78,000 (Full program)
Master’s Program in Architecture 120,000 (Full program)
Master of Public Administration in International Development (MID) Program 120,000 (Full program)
Juris Master—LL.M. in Chinese Law 146,000 (Full program)
Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program (GMBA) 198,000 (Full program)
Master’s Program in International Construction and Project Management (ICPM) 158,000 (Full program)
Doctoral Program in Environmental Science, Engineering and Management

Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and New Energy Technology

Doctoral Program in Data Science and Information Technology

Doctoral Program in Precision Medicine and Healthcare

International Master Program in Nuclear Engineering 39,000/year

(4) Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 600/year

(5) Accommodation: RMB 80/day·bed for single rooms and AB rooms, RMB 40/day·bed for double rooms in student dormitories.

8.Contact Information

Graduate Admission Office

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084

P. R. China

Tel: +86-10-62781380                Fax: +86-10-62770325

Email: grad@tsinghua.edu.cn         Website: http://gradadmission.tsinghua.edu.cn

THU Website:www.tsinghua.edu.cn