Almost three several weeks ago, I place in my two weeks’ notice. After being unhappy for thus many several weeks, it felt like ahuge relief. However it seemed to be quite terrifying. Since I wasn’t moving onto another gig yet-not technically, anyway. I’d put on two possibilities inside the month prior coupled with gone to some interviews, but nothing was designed in stone yet. Nothing being designed in sand. There have been no offers of any sort, but I’d made my choice: I had been departing regardless of what. If neither labored out for reasons uknown, my plan ended up being to freelance full-time (gulp).

So, eight days ago, I sent my last email, attended a “see ya later” happy hour personally and closed my work laptop permanently. I’d no “traditional 9-to-5” back-up plan, but there wasn’t an oz of me that doubted my decision (OK-maybe there is a smidgeon of apprehension.) I believed out buying insurance by myself, assured my parents I understood things i was doing and it was prepared to tackle “funemployment” mind on.

Flash toward today, and I’m two days right into a job. I understand-it had been quicker than I had been expecting, too. Among the positions I’d put on before you make my departure-the main one I’d a great gut feeling about, the main one I really wanted-introduced me on campus to have an eight-hour in-person interview. Yes-eight hrs. And That I suppose Used to do pretty much. Four days later, they offered me the function.

But despite the fact that performing on that day was the ultimate step-the icing and also the cherry on the top from the cake-that’s only some of the factor I owe this task to. Contrary, I most likely mostly owe it as to the Used to do before I even hit “Submit” on my small application. Before I even touched up my resume or built my resume cover letter.

1. I Scrolled Through My LinkedIn Feed (And My Email History)

OK-I have to admit: Sometimes I visit my LinkedIn feed nearly as much as Facebook or Instagram. I am not confident that that classifies me like a career nerd or perhaps a social networking addict (or both). But despite my slightly unhealthy fixation using these apps, it wound up having to pay off.

Because once, when i was getting every detail on which executives have been poached from the first-ever company, I simply became of visit a job posting appear. I had been interested immediately. I’d desired to operate in the college setting for some time, and today I discovered an chance which was not just in greater education, but additionally aligned with my mission of creating the planet (or at best a lot of it) a wholesome place.

After checking the outline for any little, I all of a sudden thought, “Hold on the second-how do you know the one who listed this?” In the end, I’m fairly picky about whose connections I accept (hint: If you wish to interact with me, you best let me know why!).


Used to do a fast search within my Gmail and aha! Around three years back, a mutual friend gave her my contact details, and she’d arrived at out requesting details about my opportunity (at that time) and possible positions there. And-thankfully-I required time to reply to completely.

2. I Arrived at To The Individual Who’d Published The Task

Because we’d conveyed before, I felt comfortable attempting to interact with her concerning the position. Had I not responded years earlier, I am not i might have. If I did not possess the courtesy to reply to her, why would I believe she’d perform a favor for me personally?


Through the finish of this exact same day, she’d responded. And, fortunately for me personally, she was more than pleased to talk.

3. I Requested Her A Really Frank Question

Because she wanted the candidate selection process to maneuver as rapidly as you possibly can, we chosen chatting on the telephone 2 days later instead of waiting for some time we’re able to both meet personally. Around the call, I requested for more information concerning the role and just what she was searching for, in addition to briefly explaining why the positioning was of great interest in my experience.

After which, Used to do something pretty bold. Well, for me personally a minimum of. Since I didn’t feel I’d sufficient experience to satisfy among the needs, I wasn’t entirely i was qualified. And due to that, I wasn’t 100% i should apply. So, I stated something like, “OK-simply to level along with you here, I am not i have sufficient familiarity for the reason that specific area. Would you still think I ought to apply?”

And she or he stated yes. So, Used to do.

There isn’t any denying that the resume and resume cover letter are essential. They’re both pretty crucial pieces towards the puzzle. However they aren’t the only real ones. Should you disregard the others, you might be overlooked and never even reach the interviewing stage. There have been 120 other applicants with this job alone. And That I can’t help but believe that connecting with my now boss in advance helped to obtain my name on her behalf radar. Sometimes, that’s the toughest part.

So, the next time you get a gig you would like, try taking individuals extra steps. Find out if all of your LinkedIn connections work on the organization you’re searching at. Otherwise, find out if any can provide you with introducing somebody that does. After which? Achieve to that individual. Get the name, the face, your interest able on his radar. The application can’t do everything.