MOFCOM Scholarship is to establish by Secretary of state for Commerce of People’s Republic of China to help strengthen the communication and cooperation between China along with other countries in addition to develop talents for developing countries. Beginning from 2015, MOFCOM Scholarship mainly sponsors the youthful and also the middle-aged talents from recipient countries to pursue their postgraduate degree education in China and entrusts China Scholarship Council to manage the Scholarship.

I. Supporting categories, duration of scholarship and instruction language

MOFCOM Scholarship supports Master’s program for just two-three years or PhD program for several-four years. Scholarship winners must sign up for British-trained program if such program can be obtained. When only Chinese-trained program can be obtained, students must take Oriental courses for you to 2 yrs before getting to their degree study.

II. Where & When to Apply

The Economical and Commercial Counselor’s Office (ECCO) from the Chinese Embassy inside your country is going to be open for application until April 2016.

III. Eligibility

To become qualified, applicants must:

-be considered a citizen of the country apart from the People’s Republic of China, and become in good condition

-be considered a bachelor’s degree holder when trying to get master’s program

-be considered a master’s degree holder when trying to get doctorate program

-be younger than 45 when applying

-have adequate British or Chinese proficiency which meets the educational needs from the program. British: IETS 6. or over, Chinese: HSK level 4 (score180) or over, or any other evidence which signifies your British or Chinese proficiency is sufficient.

IV. Scholarship Coverage

-tuition waiver;

-on-campus accommodation;


3000RMB per month per master student,

3500RMB per month per PhD student;

-medical insurance

-one-time round-trip international air tickets

V. Application Documents (written in Chinese or English)

1. Form for MOFCOM Scholarship

Make sure you have both posted it on the internet and printed the printed via world wide web.csc.edu.cn/laihua or world wide web.campuschina.org

For additional application instructions, book Attachment I.

2. Photocopy of greatest diploma

3. Photocopy of educational transcripts

4. Research Plan or Research Proposal having a minimum of 400 words

5. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form

6. Photocopy of British or Chinese proficiency

7. Photocopy of the valid passport.


Application documents (two teams of hardcopies) ought to be true and finish, and delivered to ECCO from the Chinese Embassy before 30th April, 2016. No application documents is going to be came back whatever the scholarship result.

VI. Placement


Each applicant can pick one same major in three universities from the 26 designated universities his or her preferred option. CSC will set each applicant in a single college only according to their preferred option and universities’ needs.

VII. Admission & Registration

Scholarship winners can get the admission package from ECCO from the Chinese Embassy through the finish of August, 2016, and should register in the host college prior to the deadline that is usually September, 2016.

Attachment 1

Instructions from the CSC Online Application System

for MOFCOM Scholarship

Step One: Visit http://world wide web.csc.edu.cn/laihua or world wide web.campuschina.org and click on “Application Online for Worldwide Students”.

Step Two: Read “Tips for online application” carefully before clicking “NEXT” towards the registration page.

Step Three: After registration, sign in together with your username and password. Click “Application Forms”and choose “MOFCOM Scholarship”.

Step Four:  Put 00010 as the Agency Number.

Step Five: Please fill all of the needed information truly, properly and completely following a navigation bars around the left from the page.

Applicants are needed to s elect a discipline before selecting their majors. Please make reference to the Disciplines Index, that could be downloaded from Help, for those who have question concerning the disciplines and majors.

Step Six: After finishing the approval, please click “Preview” and appearance the application Form carefully before submitting it. Click “Confirmation of Submit” within the upper right corner to submit the application Form.

Step 7: Download the finished Form by clicking “Download Application”and print two hard copies.

Step 8: Prepare other supporting documents as needed and send the entire package of application documents (two teams of hardcopies) towards the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office (ECCO) from the Chinese Embassy.

Step 9: You may make changes for your application by clicking Retrieve Application around the left from the page. But you need to make certain to send it in again by clicking Confirmation of Submit after finishing all the new changes. Otherwise, the retrieved application will end up invalid as well as your new application won’t be recognized either.

Please use Ie (6. or 7.). Menu s election functions might not operate in other browsers.

Only Chinese and British are recognized for that online application.

Attachment 2

The 26 Designated Universities