To be able to adapt the introduction of study abroad in china while increasing the utilization efficiency of scholarship for worldwide students, Hubei Province established rules of Hubei Provincial Scholarships Management with regards to talents cultivation, scientific researches, social service and cultural exchanges in colleges and universities.

Scholarship Standard

1.1 Scholarships are supplied for supporting tuitions in principle. Based on superiority, scholarships ought to be split into five groups: Undergraduate Scholarship is 10,000 each year Graduate Scholarship is 15,000 RMB each year Doctoral scholarship is 20,000 RMB each year General Scholar Scholarship is 5,000 RMB per 6 several weeks or 10,000 each year Advanced Scholar Scholarship (including visiting scholars, similarly hereinafter) is 10,000 per 6 several weeks or 20,000 each year.

1.2 The grade of scholarship for foreign students enrolled as the advantages of the exterior agreement that Hubei province signed ought to be implemented based on the exterior agreement.

Major Limitation

Hubei Provincial Scholarships are open and relevant for those majors’ students or scholars.

Application Requirement

3.1 Applicants ought to be foreign citizens with valid passport and, ought to be friendly to China.

3.2 Applicants ought to be well-socialized, industrious, grade excellent and in good condition.

3.3 Needs on applicants’ academic degree and age:

1. Undergraduate scholarship applicants ought to be within average chronilogical age of twenty five years old and also have acquired degree comparable to Chinese Senior High School Degree or over.

2. Graduate Scholarship applicants should inside the average of thirty year old and also have acquired bachelor degree.

3. Doctoral Scholarship applicants ought to be inside the average chronilogical age of 35 years of age and also have acquired master’s degree.

4. All General Scholar Scholarship applicants ought to be inside the average chronilogical age of age forty and Oriental scholars must have acquired Greater School Degree or over, professional scholars must have acquired bachelor’s degree or over or ought to be college students in grade 2 or over.

5. Advanced Scholar Scholarship applicants must have acquired master’s degree or over and affiliate professor title or over, and ought to be the average chronilogical age of fifty.

3.4 The requirement of applicants’ Oriental proficiency to become made the decision in accord using the major to become learned and language of instruction.

3.5 Applicants don’t obtain any educational funding from Chinese government or any other organizations.

Application Date

Scholarship Applications ought to be recognized by all colleges and universities between Feb and June. Additional information could be supplied by related colleges and universities.

Application and Acceptance Department

5.1 All Hubei provincial college and universities organize current foreign students to try to get the scholarship and phone the foreign students who are intending to study in Hubei province through Chinese embassies in foreign counties, foreign educational facilities or internet.

5.2 All qualified people from other countries, both those who are studying in universites and colleges in Hubei province and those who’re in foreign counties can use towards the universites and colleges you study in or you need to.

5.3 All universites and colleges accept scholarship application on February. to June. The applying is going to be assessed essentially around the principal of open, fair and justice through the school assessment team and also the result is going to be printed in class for any week.

5.4 Secretary of state for Education of Hubei Province accepts all colleges and universities’ Applications of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship every June, and can publish the end result on Hubei province education information internet (world wide web.e21.edu.cn) for any week following the assessment, if there’s no dispute, the Secretary of state for Education of Hubei Province will issue a document to verify it.


5.5 The scholarship students suggested by foreign government and worldwide organizations based on the dependence on the agreement is going to be arranged to review within the hired universites and colleges by Secretary of state for Education of Hubei Province. 

Related Universities and Contact Information

The following is the list of universities and colleges:
1. Yangtze University
Tel: 0086-0716-8060267
Fax: 0086-0716-8060514
Email: fao@yangtzeu.edu.cn

2. Hubei University
Tel: 0086-27-88662703
Fax: 0086-27-88664263
Email: international@hubu.edu.com

3. Hubei University of Technology
Tel: 0086-27-88034023
Fax: 0086-27-88034023
Email: amyhbut@126.com/jasonhong2003@126.com

4. Hubei University of Science and Engineering
Tel: 13297685286

5. Hubei Normal University
Tel: 0086-0714-6574857
Fax: 0086-0714-6574857
Email: wsch@email.hbnu.edu.cn

6. Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

7. Huazhong Agricultural University
Tel: 0086-27-87281296
Fax: 0086-27-87396057
Email: Zhangchi@mail.hzau.edu.cn/songlanxiang@mail.hzau.edu.cn

8. Jianghan University
Tel: 0086-0713-84227061
Fax: 0086-0713-8621601
Email: ljcat0630@vip.sina.com/393503844@qq.com

9. China Three Gorges University
Tel: 15871635301/13487232553
Fax: 0086-0717-6393309
Email: 582219468@qq.com/6173878@qq.com

10. Wuhan Institute of Technology
Tel: 0086-27-87195113/0086-27-87195660
Fax: 0086-27-87195310
Email: 326dingding@163.com/guoyunhfc@163.com

11. Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Tel: 18607164852/13377856129
Fax: 0086-27-87192007/0086-27-87191730
Email: dennypeipei@gmail.com/ Peixu1@hotmail.com

Application Materials

7.1 Applicants ought to provide related materials according to universities and colleges’ needs. This is their email list from the fundamental materials:

1. Form of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship

2. Copy of Passport

3. Notarized greatest Diploma

4. Notarized Transcript or Certificate of Job Title

5. Letter of Recommendation and Health Certificate

6. Other documents needed

7.2 Applicants who haven’t been studying within the universites and colleges requested have to complete Form of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship (form 1) Applicants who’ve been studying within the universites and colleges requested have to complete Form of Hubei Provincial Foreign Student Scholarship (form 2).

Scholarship Qualification Administration

8.1 All universites and colleges issue Scholarship Offer Letter for foreign students offered scholarship.

8.2 The foreign students offered scholarship should sign up for school and undergo registration process within the needed registration date on Scholarship Offer Letter, the scholarship qualification is going to be exempted for just one who registers after the needed registration date.

8.3 Any applicant from the following is going to be exempted scholarship qualification:

1. Any applicant from the following is going to be exempted scholarship qualification

2. One that will get involved with activities of illegal organizations

3. One that seriously breaks school rules

4. One that breaks Chinese laws and regulations

8.4 The college should create a comprehensive assessment around the foreign students who obtain scholarship and are accountable to the Secretary of state for Education of Hubei Province to for that record once they finished school.

Contact Information

Address: Hongshan Road No. 8 in Wuhan City in China
Postal Code: 430071
Telephone Number: 0086-27-87328141
Fax Number: 0086-27-87328047