To be able to promote the introduction of greater education of Worldwide students in Tianjin, to improve the talent cultivation, research, social service, and cultural exchange, Tianjin Government provides the Scholarship (TGS) for Worldwide students.


Recipients are Worldwide Students in Tianjin and students who would like to study in Tianjin.

Recipients would be the undergraduate or even the greater level foreign students who’re signing up to study in Tianjin and also the excellent worldwide students who’re studying in Tianjin.


a. Applicants ought to be non-Chinese citizens and become in good condition.

b. Applicants for undergraduate program should have secondary school diploma with higher academic performance and become younger than 30.

c. Applicants for master’s degree programs should have a bachelor degree and become younger than 35 with two recommendations from professors or affiliate professors.

d. Applicants for doctorate degree programs should have an expert degree and become younger than 40 with two recommendations from professors or affiliate professors.

e. Applicants should satisfy the language needs from the greater education institutions and supply relevant proofs, for example HSK certificate, other Chinese learning and examination certificates, etc. The restriction could be relaxed for that foreign students whose majors are trained in British.

f. Applicants shouldn’t make an application for other scholarship in the same time frame.

g. Application Conditions For Internal Students

1) Applicants should be foreign self-funded undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD student that has normally signed up for Tianjin. Applicants who’ve requested leave of absence, retaining student status or extension of schooling this past year won’t be permitted.

2) Applicants must succeed in class without truancy, other violations of faculty rules in class or any other violations of Chinese laws and regulations and rules off school.

3) Applicants should have the best learning attitude and focus hard. Applicants’ academic record ought to be excellent in the last year.


4) Applicants haven’t acquired every other scholarships within the same year.


a. Doctorate student scholarship: 40,000 RMB/person/year.

b. Master student scholarship: 30,000 RMB/person/year.

c. Undergraduate student scholarship: 20,000 RMB/person/year.


Applicants could affect the Greater Education Institutions which are qualified to sign up.


The Greater Education Institutions must submit Scholarship List and application documents to Tianjin Municipal Education Commission by June 15.


The applicants must complete and submit the next documents truly, properly and completely:

a. Form for Tianjin Government Scholarship (Applicants shall have the form in the Greater Education Institutions or download in the website from the targeted HEIs).

b. Notarized greatest diploma and transcripts.

c. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

d. Study plan or research plan ought to be posted for degree or research students.

e. Copy from the passport

f. HSK certificate (The restriction could be relaxed for that foreign students whose majors are trained in British.)

g. Please be aware that application documents won’t be came back.


The Greater Education Institutions should be full-time colleges or universities which are qualified to sign up worldwide students.

Greater Education Institutions must establish assessment working group. Review comments ought to be made fairly, freely, equitably through the group and become approved by president. The assessment results ought to be publicized for just one week after which be posted to Tianjin Municipal Education Commission.

Scholarship List is decided through the experts organized by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission. 


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