t will make sense to use to each scholarship that you come accross but consider our recommendation to use simply to a couple of scholarships. This won’t help you save effort and time but in addition helps you enhance your chances to get a scholarship.

These tips follows the Pareto Principle or even the 80/20 Rule. Employing this principle in scholarship application, it is advisable to use simply to 20% of accessible scholarships that will provide you with 80% possibility of success.

Let’s attempt to put this into example.

You’re an African, particularly, a Nigerian searching for any scholarship in Masters in Development Studies in Germany. After your research, you could find 10 scholarships that are offered for Africans for study in Germany.

Following a advice above, you’ll try to pay attention to signing up to 2-3 scholarships that provides you greater likelihood of success. The issue now’s, how can you select the scholarships you need to affect?

This could be clarified by thinking about the next criteria:

1. Which one of the 10 scholarships you found are particularly geared to Nigerians?


2. Which one of the 10 scholarships are aligned for your qualifications?

3. Which one of the 10 scholarships prioritize the research programme you’re trying to get?

The perfect scholarship you’re searching for is really a scholarship program that’s targeted particularly to Nigerians, whose eligibility needs matches your qualifications, and when possible, whose priority programs include Masters in Development Studies or related programs.

Signing up to a scholarship that’s matched for your citizenship, qualifications, and interests generally provides you with good chances. Too, applying simply to a couple of scholarships provides you with additional time to create a great scholarship application letter, complete all of your application needs, and submit the application promptly.

These tips isn’t intended to be a guide you’re always liberated to affect more scholarships as you want should you think it might improve your chances. The overall advice would be to make certain you’re trying to get scholarships which are matched for you and not simply any scholarship that comes up.

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